COP21: Lord Monckton exposes Obama’s ‘secret plot’ for ‘totalitarian world government’

Barack Obama is leading a clandestine international project to establish a Communist-fascist world government through the United Nations COP21 climate change conference in Paris. That’s the reality that Viscount Monckton wakes up to every day.

The president of the United States is working alongside an international network of “totalitarians” who hope to impose their will on the people of the world by introducing international courts perportedly to enforce climate change regulations, he told DeSmog UK

A “small group of malevolent scientists” had fraudulently falsified scientific data, while other researchers had become “useful idiots” or had been bullied into supporting the climate change “hoax” to provide a pretext to form the new communist and fascist global state, Monckton claimed. 

The evidence was a short passage in the draft Paris treaty currently being negotiated by thousands of delegates from more than 200 countries calling for an international climate court. Articles 36 and 38 of Annex One of the Copenhagen treaty draft had earlier been proposed to introduce a global government through the back door, he argued. In fact, there was only a Copenhagen Accord, not a treaty, it has no Annexes, and no Articles 36 or 38.

Monckton has previously gone to extraordinary lengths to steal a bit of the limelight from the United Nations climate conferences, on one occasion parachuting into the talks with the support of ExxonMobil-funded Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Communist (or fascist) totalitarianism

The British aristocrat – who has never been a member of the House of Lords despite his assertions – was banned from the Qatar conference after he donned Arab dress and posed as a delegate during the negotiations.

Monckton made the comments during the last day of a climate denier fringe meeting held at the Rue de la Rochefoucauld in Paris. The event was attended earlier in the week by the UKIP MEP Roger Helmer, the frequenter of a ‘sleazy massage parlour‘, and Piers Corbyn, the one-time Marxist and brother to the Labour Party leader. 

“They are trying to establish a single world government”, he said. “You can argue whether it is communist or fascist depending on whether you think the people concerned are crony capitalists, in which case it’s fascist, or whether they are collectivists, in which case it’s communist.”

He confirmed he believed Obama was among the “totalitarians” using the COP21 process to implement a communist-fascist world government. “There are elements of communist totalitarianism and of fascist totalitarianism in the policies that Obama is arguing for and in the way they are implemented. 

“I am not just using hate speech words in a random way… I have described elements in the way that Obama operates that have feet in both those camps.”

Malevolent scientists and useful idiots

Monckton announced during a fringe event in Paris during the climate conference that he would act as chief investigator for a new International Committee on GeoEthics, which will investigate allegations of scientific fraud leveled against climate researchers. Observers have, he added, already been dispatched to watch over academic conferences.

He added: “It is surely rather clear that if you have a small group of malevolent scientists who are bending the facts, the science and the data for the sake of over-egging this particular pudding and then you get politicians who for various reasons want to increase their power globally by setting up global entities that are not accountable to any electorate, there will be, to say the least, a synergy of interests between them. 

“We are not interested in looking at whether there are vague or actual connections, that’s no interest to us. What we are interested in, is finding those few people who are guilty of outright scientific fraud. 

“All one knows is that if you have people proposing policies that are avowedly totalitarian on a global scale, and there are a lot of them, then whether or not they are working in some smoke-filled room behind closed doors or whether they are all-seeing to themselves and advantaged and therefore there is a coalescence or coincidence of interests rather than a conspiracy is not for me to say. I don’t care. What I care about is the truth is going to emerge, whether they like it or not.”

Monckton claimed an Australian radio broadcaster commissioned a barrister specialising in international law who appeared on the programme to confirm there was an attempt to set up a global government. “I’m absolutely horrified”, he apparently said on air. “Monckton was entirely right to draw attention to it.” The climate denier was unable to name the lawyer or the radio station when asked.

Deliberately offensive

We asked Lord Monckton whether anyone concerned about his welfare had raised the possibility that his claims of a clandestine attempt to form a world government through the fraudulant construction of climate science was delusional.

He responded: “What you are doing is deliberately trying to be offensive. That’s all you’ve got. You don’t go to someone and accuse them of either lying or being delusional unless you are deliberately being offensive. I quite understand that and I am quite used to it.”

The aristocrat said his new investigations committee would collect evidence of scientific fraud and supply it to the police and authorities. “The prosecuting authorities will decide whether this is delusional or not.”

He added that DeSmog UK itself was now was under investigation as part of an attempt to have reporters and scientists tried for fraud in the criminal courts and then when found guilty imprisoned. “Our estimate is that if two or three people go behind bars for having acted fraudulently everybody else will run for cover.”

Monckton has proven a highly unreliable witness, making claims to journalists that are too often at variance with the facts. He used to regularly threaten to sue critics and criticise others for trying to stamp out free speech.

His only claim to authority in the climate debate is his assertion that he advised the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the issue of climate change when serving in the Policy Unit of the Cabinet Office in the 1980s. 

This claim is not supported by his own personnel file, as confirmed by the Cabinet Office itself following a Freedom of Information request. Moreover, it was contradicted by colleagues working on environment for Thatcher at that time. It is also at odds with Thatcher’s own account of the period.

But for all that, Monckton remains a darling of the ‘climate change skeptic’ (read denial) movement in the US and other countries.



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